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This new food delivery app will make you go gorillas, but not on your wallet …

As 2020 has shown us, going outside can be troublesome and anxiety-ridden at times, the smallest and most mundane exercises can feel restrictive.

Our movements are limited and, with that, it has forced our mindsets to reevaluate our daily lives and routines.

The current situation has trickled into the business sector. What better place to see 2020 lockdown trends reveal themselves than on our smartphones and the applications that come ready with it?

One application, in particular, Gorilla, has caught my eye in this whirlwind of “post-apocalyptic” environments.

Working as a delivery service, Gorilla is a mobile application that delivers…

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How Daniela La Luz has humbly manoeuvred through the parallel universes of the Berlin club scene as an artist, music producer & DJ.

For the most part, many human beings have upheld the thought that somewhere out there there might be an alternative, parallel universe. Whatever this universe may hold depends on the individual’s imagination, but what happens when these parallel universes collide? Will there be a Big Bang? Will we meet our cosmic twilight-zone twin? Or will we have the answer to life through rhythmically departed clouds amidst the sounds of angelic melodies? Similar existential questions like this don’t go unanswered when I meet with Miss DJ Daniela La Luz in her warm, cosy Berlin apartment on a rainy, cold winter’s evening.

What connects us, disconnects us.
Such a paradox shows us how the Internet, like a God, can give and take away.

© Ryan Biery

The working wonders of the internet. In this Information Age — a term coined by intellectual, Manuel Castells, on the behaviours of the modern, network society — there is a constant tug-of-war. This tug-of-war happens on a personal level, as well as a societal one. Wondering how and why? Well, just google it or you can keep reading…

Let’s start with the term “Google it”… this is a line that we are all too often familiar with. Sometimes we are so comfortable with this action that we forget to think for ourselves and lean on the interwebs and the algorithmic…

© Evgenia Makarova

A paradoxical analogy, this is what life can be. In constant flux, like a flowing bloody river of feelings and thoughts, we can only hope as a society, and as people, we reassess, we relearn, restructure and reevaluate.

Who are you? Who am I? Who are we? The constant questioning and quest to define the true self. It was Erving Goffman who claimed that there is no such thing as the true self. Leaning onto theatrical traits of dramaturgy, he insisted that we are people who continuously put on masks, portraying what we think people want us to be, constantly…

The best way to find your no. 1 Berlin bounty, a boudoir!

‘beautiful morning’ © thirdsaturnmoon

Maslow created his hierarchy of needs to showcase what we all know, our basic human necessity is to have a right to warmth, safety and security, basically a home (although some may argue that now that basic need has shifted to wi-fi). Was he lying though? We don’t think so. If you’re living in Berlin, or if you’re new to this city, we delve into what it takes to find a home in Berlin. Fasten your seat-belts because it can be quite a ride.

No matter where you…

Please note that this article was written for my MA News Writing course in November 2017. The article focused on investigative techniques, finding a relevant story and writing it in a structured, newsworthy way.

With the annual Berlin Bazaar fair well underway in the Messe District of Berlin, it has left The Cross Border Association without items to sell at their stalls. Containers with selected African accessories, as well as arts & crafts, has not been released by German customs on the second day of the fair.

The trade show has actively marketed itself as a socially aware fair-trade event…

When we pussyfoot around the issue of poverty & feminine hygiene

Leaning into the trashcan at a stop on the u-8 u-Bahn line, a woman scratches through rubbish in hope, and one can only assume, that she finds glass bottles to turn in for money.

Turning around with striking blue eyes making eye contact with me, her skin slightly worn and tired, with each line on her face telling a part of her life story. After our eyes lock, I start to wonder: how many stories she could tell that would suck me into a whirlwind moodiness. …

Anna Ptasińska

Freelance Journalist & Strategist | MA Student in Convergent Journalism at HMKW Berlin | Polish-born-South African currently residing in Neukölln, Berlin.

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