This new food delivery app will make you go gorillas, but not on your wallet …

As 2020 has shown us, going outside can be troublesome and anxiety-ridden at times, the smallest and most mundane exercises can feel restrictive.

Our movements are limited and, with that, it has forced our mindsets to reevaluate our daily lives and routines.

The current situation has trickled into the business sector. What better place to see 2020 lockdown trends reveal themselves than on our smartphones and the applications that come ready with it?

One application, in particular, Gorilla, has caught my eye in this whirlwind of “post-apocalyptic” environments.

Working as a delivery service, Gorilla is a mobile application that delivers groceries to your door within a few minutes.

Like a späti on wheels, you might think? Well, kind of. Kağan Sümer, who founded the company, is known not to agree with such a notion.

This application is definitely better than Lieferando, that’s for sure.

Why I say this is because of the flat, minimal design of the app. The application design gives it a modern, minimalist edge and is easy to use, has a seamless user-journey and simplified process of getting groceries to your door within 10 mins.

Upon discussing this app concept with a friend, she asked me “then who pays in the end?” (and she didn’t mean this as in “who pays for the groceries?”). The question was valid, what type of model does this app use to ensure that groceries can be delivered to your door, until 11 PM each weeknight and on even on Sundays (anyone living in Berlin knows that this is a big deal!).

The business model that they use is known as goPuff. goPuff is embraced with open arms in Amsterdam, and for the larger part of the USA.

This model ensures that the modern-day consumer has access to everyday necessities. How this will unfold in Berlin for the Gorilla business, only the future knows. The good sign is that they are growing in the Berlin region.

Apart from the big win that they deliver on Sundays, the app cooperated with resident dealers and producers. Now, more than ever, it is most important to support local businesses through this global pandemic. In an article by Christian Lenzen about the app, he states that currently there are 1,200 products available.

Why Gorilla?

When ordering from other delivery services like REWE, there is a minimum spend of €50. Well, Gorilla lets you buy what you need when you need it. However, there is a delivery fee of €1.80 (but if you spend more than €40 then that doesn’t apply to you, big spender).

How does the app work?

Simple and effective. As previously mentioned, it’s modern app design is easy to use and easy on the eye.

The usability is fast and functional and very clear to use and is reminiscent of a supermarket supply-chain designed for the user and not the other way around.

Leaning in on the user-need of “emergency” shopping (i.e. if you’ve forgotten an essential ingredient for a recipe etc.) the Gorilla has identified that bulk purchases are no longer needed in this day and age, making it an incredibly transparent and sustainable business model.



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